These plays have been written for our Sunday Schools. If you have written a play for your Christadelphian Sunday School that you would like to share please send a copy and we will include it here on the website.

 Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

Parabolic tales
A story teller relates a number of parables to some young children, with each scene coming to life on the stage. The story teller interjects (or voice over) at different places throughout the play. There are five short scenes: Old man Reuben (the sower), These boots are made for walking (the good Samaritan), The Camel through the eye of the needle (a comic interlude in the middle), The prodigal son, Building your house on the rock. [mid sized cast – 26] Download PDF.

A tour through the Bible timeline featuring comic “time flies” and highlighting creation, Noah, Abraham, Aaron and Moses, King David, Daniel, the birth of Jesus, Paul and the shipwreck . [large cast – 40+] Download PDF.

The Breakfast show
Talk show hosts in a neighbouring country, Joshy and Mel, interview people and find out more about the strange goings on in Egypt. Moses and the children of Israel have just crossed the Red Sea safely and reports are filtering through about the plagues in Egypt. [small cast – 12] Download PDF.

This play is about the first chapters of the book of Joshua. Moses has led the Israelites to the border of the land of Canaan . where h He die d s and was is mourned by the Israelites for 30 days. His service to God and leadership of Israel would never be forgotten. Now Joshua takes over that leadership. Download PDF.

Postcards from Philippi
The story of Lydia – the first Christian in Europe. Download PDF.

A Dwelling Place In the Desert
A time traveller discovers the amazing Tabernacle and learns about how it was made and what some of the symbols mean. [small cast – 15] Download PDF.

Uncommon Journey
The Audience are tourists on a mystery time travel tour, they drop into different scenes from Moses being hidden to Joshua leading them into the promised land. Focusing on the Uncommon life of the Israelites. [musicDownload PDF.

Events surrounding the birth of Jesus
This play begins in the house of Elizabeth and Zachariah and traces the main events surrounding the birth of Jesus up until the angel tells Mary and Joseph to  flee to Egypt.  [Large cast] Download PDF.

Daniel and three friends choose to obey God
Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego lived long ago in Babylon.  This play tells the story of their adventures and their faith in God.  Download PDF.

Rahab and the Gibeonites
A story of spies, faith, deceit and rescue.  Download PDF.

Heroes of faith
A play based on Hebrews 11.  Download.

Wilderness removalists
A class play about moving the Tabernacle from place to place. Download.

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