Book One: The Beginnings of Promise

Lesson Student notes Teacher notes
1.  The Holy Bible – God’s inspired word  PDF  PDF
2.  The God of the Bible  PDF  PDF
3.  Creation – God’s work  PDF  PDF
4.  Adam and Eve  PDF  PDF
5.  Sin and its result  PDF  PDF
6.  Cain and Abel  PDF  PDF
7.  Noah: the ruin of the old world  PDF  PDF
8.  The call of Abraham: promises given by God  PDF  PDF
9.  Abraham and Lot  PDF
10.  Abraham and Isaac  PDF  PDF
11.  A wife for Isaac  PDF  PDF
12. Jacob obtains the birthright  PDF  PDF
13.  Jacob’s exhile and return  PDF  PDF
14.  Joseph in Egypt  PDF  PDF
15.  Joseph tests his brothers  PDF  PDF
16.  Closing days of Jacob and Joseph  PDF  PDF
17.  Moses the deliverer for Israel  PDF  PDF
18.  The revelation to Moses at the burning bush  PDF  PDF
19.  The plagues in Egypt  PDF  PDF
20.  The Passover  PDF  PDF
21.  Baptised into Moses  PDF  PDF
22.  Israel sustained by God in the Wilderness  PDF  PDF
23.  Israel at Mt Sinai  PDF  PDF
24.  The Golden Calf  PDF  PDF

Book Two: Under the hand of God

Lesson Student notes Teacher notes
1. The Tabernacle – A Pattern of Heavenly Things PDF PDF
2. The Holy of Holies PDF PDF
3. Israel’s Priests and Sacrifices PDF PDF
4. The Day of Atonement PDF PDF
5. Israel’s Memorial Feasts PDF PDF
6. The Spies Report PDF  PDF
7. Forty years Wandering in the Wilderness PDF  PDF
8. Balak and Balaam PDF  PDF
9. Moses’ Death and Successor PDF  PDF
10. Joshua Leads Israel Across Jordan PDF  PDF
11. Conquering the Land – Jericho
12. Ai Disastrous Sequel to Jericho
13. The League with the Gibeonites
14. The Final Campaign – The Land at Rest
15. Dividing the Land for an Inheritance
16. From Joshua to Judges
17. Deborah and Barak
18. Israel Delivered through Gideon
19. Samson-The Nazarite
20. Ruth the Moabitess
21. Samuel – The Messenger of the Lord
22. A Change in the Priesthood
23. The People Request a King
24. Saul – Rejected for Disobedience
25. The Man after God’s Own Heart

Book Three: Guided by Kings and Prophets

Book Four: Jesus Christ

Book Five: Spreading the Good News

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