The Australian Sunday School Union recommends “First Principles”
by R. Roberts.  Copies of the booklet can be ordered.

First Principles
Supporting resources are listed for each study
Study 1: The Bible – God’s inspired word
Study 2: The Author of the Bible
Study 3: The Holy Spirit
Study 4: The Creation – Beginning of human history
Study 5: Sin – its cause and result
Study 6: Man is mortal
Study 7: The promise of a redeemer
Study 8: The covenant with Abraham
Study 9: The promise to David
Study 10: Jesus: the Son of God and Son of Man
Study 11: The Sacrifice of Christ
Study 12: The Last Supper – a memorial feast
Study 13: The Ascension and High Priesthood of Jesus
Study 14: The second coming of Jesus Christ
Study 15: The resurrection
Study 16: The judgement and reward of the saints
Study 17: The Kingdom of God on Earth
Study 18: Baptism and its significance
Study 19: Principles of the new life

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